The Midway Antique Mall Advantage

The Midway Antique Mall is a clean, secure, and professionally managed antique mall that brings new sales opportunities to established, part-time, and even new dealers. From established dealers, simply looking for another location that won’t skyrocket overhead. To the new and part-time dealers, who benefit from the full complement of retail services. All of our dealers benefit from our advertising campaigns and promotions that are designed to target the local and travelling markets both.

Open 7 Days a Week, Mon-Sat 9am-6pm (Sun 10am-5pm)
We also...

Provide a highly visible, conveniently accessible, and freshly paved interstate location.

Advertise locally, and throughout the state, with carefully targeted campaigns meant to re-capture existing customers while inviting newcomers.

Provide locked showcases, small and large, for valuables that must be kept under lock and key. Like jewelry, coins, and other collectibles.

Accept a range of dealers, ensuring a wide selection and variety of merchandise is available at all times.

What do You get?

  • Clean, neat display booths are available in many sizes. These booths can also be customized in dimension when possible.
  • Electronic surveillance system, trained staff who regularly do security checks, and secured showcases.
  • Ability to accept all major forms of payment from card to cash. With a small fee for credit and debit card transactions.
  • Sales tax collection, documentation, and payment performed by mall management at no additional expense to the dealer.

Rent Schedule

Booth rentals and glass case rental prices vary from size to size, and location in the mall. Booth rental fees fall due every month on the 15th of the month. At the end of each month, dealer account balance is paid out and checks are ready to pick up by the 5th of the month that follows.